The coaching game that makes you think

The Hero is a unique card game that helps your team work together to overcome obstacles and reach their targets, for a fraction of the price of commercial coaching.

We've turned piles of research on coaching, facilitation and goal-setting into an engaging tool for your workplace! All you need is an open mind. The game takes care of the rest.

3-5 people

60+ minutes

Read the instructions here.

The Hero interactive coaching game

Still not convinced? Check out what our players are saying:

Makes people open astonishly honestly to others.

Tuomo Lindholm, Helsinki Think Co

A great tool for activating and connecting people in a group

Liisa Joutsenjärvi, project manager, Nestholma

I can recommend Hero cards to anyone for an ice breaker or team event

John Swallow, Head of Learning and Development, Specsavers

Doomscat looking at you
The Hero pack from the front The Hero game set The Hero pack from the back

NurtUp specializes in gamified self-development in groups. The Hero is one of our first products. You can check out our other stuff here. You'll probably also like it!

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