The coaching game that makes you think

This game helps you think about what matters to you in life. You will empower each other in achieving a goal or dream by asking questions... a lot of questions. It makes even your most difficult talks into a fun game.

We've turned piles of research on coaching, facilitation and goal-setting into superpowers for you! All you need is an open mind. The game takes care of the rest.

3-5 players

60+ minutes

Read the instructions here.

The Hero interactive coaching game

The Hero will make your conversations:

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Tired of small talk? The Hero facilitates, so you talk about what matters!

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Good conversations help you take action. The Hero guides, based on coaching methods!

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Did we mention The Hero is a game? Your self-development is more fun with others!

The Hero pack from the front The Hero game set The Hero pack from the back

Still not convinced? Check out what our players are saying:

I had a dream, now I have a plan

Alberto, Developer and Author

Doomscat looking at you

NurtUp specializes in gamified self-development in groups. The Hero is one of our first products. You can check out our other stuff here. You'll probably also like it!