High quality coaching, small price-tag!

Do you appreciate the value of coaching in reaching your goals, but haven't found the right coach to work with yet? Or maybe you have, but they're out of your price range at the moment.

Self coaching just isn't as effective, so what can you do?

Get a few friends together and play The Hero!

The Hero is a structured coaching session in a game. Played in four rounds and based on the well-known GROW model, by the end you'll have a clear idea of where you are going and how to get there. You'll also have a concrete plan for the next steps you need to take next.

No prior coaching experience needed!

3-5 players

60+ minutes

Read the instructions here.

The Hero interactive coaching game

NurtUp specializes in gamified self-development in groups. The Hero is one of our first products. You can check out our other stuff here. You'll probably also like it!

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