Helps your students to help each other!

The Hero is an educational game that teaches your students transferrable problem-solving skills, and helps them to look at their goals and ambitions in new ways.

Played in groups of three, it fits into a 45 minute lesson and requires minimal supervision.

  • Ideal for PSHE lessons and careers guidance.
  • Played in small groups with minimal supervision required.
  • Cost effective.
  • Easy to learn.
  • Potential for follow-up discussions and exercises.
  • Teaches problem-solving and goal-setting skills.
  • Playing time from 45 minutes, depending on group size.

3-5 people

45+ minutes

Read the instructions here.

The Hero interactive coaching game

NurtUp specializes in gamified self-development in groups. The Hero is one of our first products. You can check out our other stuff here. You'll probably also like it!

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