Life after the Nordea Startup Accelerator

by Hajni

posted on April 14, 2016.

Hajni at the Nordea Demo Day

It’s almost 2 months since the Nordea Startup Accelerator ended with the spectacular Demo Day pitches. During the 3 months accelerator program we learned how to use the lean method to validate our product and business ideas. We learned that the lean method is all about testing your assumptions before you put all your efforts into building your product that eventually no one will want.

Perhaps the most important lesson was to never assume anything, because otherwise you’ll make an ass of you and me. We assumed when we got chosen that Nurtup was completely, absolutely and definitely different that all the rest of  the #fintech startups. 😉 Turns out we were wrong. 😛 Once we started sharing experiences we realized that all of us were struggling with exactly the same issues.Don't Assume - NurtUp

While all the startups were busy finding out what their customers really needed, we learned an other really valuable lesson: the power of working with others. We started weekly meetings (similar to “daily stand-ups” from Agile project management). In these meetings we focused on: our achievements, goals and what help we needed for the upcoming week. Halfway the accelerator the startups formed smaller groups to spar each other more intensively. NurtUp teamed up with Realsource and Feelingstream, and even though we are really different startups, it worked amazingly well! 🙂

Sharing openly our success and disappointments helped all of the 12 startups to be more productive, confident and motivated. Helping others and getting help at the same time feels amazing! And we want you to experience the same feeling by playing PassionUp with others. 🙂

I wish the accelerator would have lasted longer but at least I know that the relationships that we created will always be there. It was a truly uplifting and life changing experience! <3

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