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Changing the world the entrepreneur style

When people think about changing the world they often think about associations, charities, etc. But that’s not the only way and many times it’s not even the best way. Very often the best way to make a business out of it and become an entrepreneur.

A great example of this is Karla Nieminen, who we recently interviewed. She has her own training company called Jäänmurtajat (ice breakers) that offers people skills lectures, courses and tutoring and also she’s been very active volunteering in the Helsinki chapter of Young Entrepreneurs of Finland.

Karla is on quest to shape the Finnish society by training people to develop great interpersonal skills. She chose this quest because of her own experiences as a young girl.

“I want to help people because I also got help. I get super motivated when I see the effects of helping someone. It just feels great to raise awareness about developing better interpersonal skills.”

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