by Hajni

posted on November 2, 2015.

Daniel's pitch

Hopefully you have already noticed on social media that NurtUp has been selected to Nestholma‘s and Nordea‘s startup accelerator program.

You might wonder how a non-banking company got chosen for the program. It all started from participating in Boost Your Business 2015 event organized by Puskapromotion in cooperation with Haaga-Helia Startup School. We found the event on Helsinki’s Young Entrepreneurs Network (HYNY)’s Facebook group and decided to ask if we can join. We got accepted and suddenly we had only a couple of days to prepare an own stand and a 1 and 2 minutes pitch for the competition.

Preparing for the event was a lot of fun, especially that we didn’t have the time to over plan it. First we designed a simple set up for the stand and then it was time for developing our 1 minute pitch. During the event, we talked to a lot. That’s how we do networking! 😉 During the pitch I think I was more nervous than Daniel. But everything went well, except I didn’t manage to record the first pitch.

Focusing on the pitch payed off! We won the competition! 🙂 Check out the second pitch that made it happen:

At the same time Nordea Startup Accelerator was looking for applicants for the accelerator program and Haaga-Helia Startup School invited us to pitch our idea to Nestholma’s and Nordea’s representatives. As a startup, having the possibility of pitching your business idea is always a privilege. So we pitched again.

As a #startup, having the possibility of #pitching your #business #idea is always a #privilege Click To Tweet

The feedback we got was very encouraging! Especially since we thought that they were mainly looking for solutions for banks. It turns out we were wrong: they are also keen on including companies that make people’s dreams come true. “Well, that sounds like NurtUp”, we thought. So we applied!

And… here we are! 😉 Ready to make the world a better place, in the Nordea Startup Accelerator powered by Nestholma!

The program starts on the 16th of November. Stay tuned!

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