by Daniel

posted on December 4, 2015.

Screenshot of my Coursera page

I love learning new stuff! I always like to have something new that I’m exploring, and also to keep improving some of the skills I’m already confident on. I’m currently starting to learn how to program in Ruby on Rails, and I’m a continuous learner of guitar-playing and communication. And every now and then, I pick up a new instrument and make myself comfortable with it. I just love it!

Do YOU like learning new stuff? Of course you do, otherwise you wouldn’t be reading this right now! And also… we’re all wired to enjoy learning. We’re wired to enjoy novelty in general. We love challenges. We love things that stimulate our brains. We love to play (and playing is a key way of learning skills). And we feel pride when showing off our skills.

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Zombies love brainzz, brains love learning

By association, zombies should get high on super-learners…

Even those of you rolling your eyes… I bet you like to practice a sport or hobby every now and then, and to set yourself challenges in those.

Because of that, we’ve set ourselves on a mission. A mission to understand – and improve – how people learn throughout their life. And we want to do that through this blog.

Do you want to be part of it? We’d love if you could dedicate a few minutes to answer these questions (it should take you only a couple of minutes).

Thanks for your answers!

During the next weeks I’ll be sharing very interesting information that I’ve been collecting along the years, that should help you hack learning. Interested? Let us know through twitter (or leave your email address) and we’ll keep you posted!

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In the upcoming episodes:

  • Hack how to learn a new skill
  • Where to learn: my personal journey
  • Tips for power reading
  • Phases of learning a new skill and what to do on each one of them
  • Learning communities
  • Learning challenges and gamified learning

Stay tuned through twitter or our mail list, or read more about NurtUp at! See you there!

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