Think big & follow through

Do you want to learn to code? No excuse now!

Random code

Business Insider has published a really cool compilation of places where you can learn to code for free! Check it out here!

I wanted to add a few lines as well about my personal experience with some of this! I’ve tried quite a few of the links they provide.

I have a very high opinion of the courses that …click to read more!

Hacking learning

Screenshot of my Coursera page

I love learning new stuff! I always like to have something new that I’m exploring, and also to keep improving some of the skills I’m already confident on. I’m currently starting to learn how to program in Ruby on Rails, and I’m a continuous learner of guitar-playing and communication. And every now and then, I pick up a new instrument and make myself comfortable with it. I just love it! …click to read more!

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