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  • Reflection - the right tools to think about what dreams really matter to you
  • Planning - define the steps that will take you in the right direction
  • Focus - dedicate time every day to the important tasks, instead of just the urgent ones
  • Accountability - share with your friends and make yourself accountable for your action and inaction
NurtUp free app helps you plan and take steps towards your goals
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  • Chat based coaching - dedicate time to your dream when it best suits you
  • Clarity - we ask you the tough questions, that help you clarify what you really want and why
  • Stay motivated - we spur you to get things done
  • Affordable - a personal coach will usually cost hundreds or even thousands of euros per month

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Who is NurtUp

We're on a mission to help you become a real world changer. And world changers are:

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When you think big, you can do great things. Clear goals are easier to achieve.

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Your impact is measured by how you affect other people. Help others, and you'll get help.

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Getting things done is inspiring. Seeing others' progress motivates you to follow through.

NurtUp helps you in different ways:

NurtUp free app helps you achieve your dreams

Digital coaching services

Sign up to our service and get support from your friends, or coaching from our automatic system

The Hero card game, by NurtUp, helps groups of people coach each other and think big

The Hero: the coaching game

The game that makes you think. Coach, get coached, and have fun while doing it

At NurtUp we also develop training programs to make your employees more ambitions: ask us!

Training and consultancy

Use our expertise in coaching, gamification, interaction, creativity and project management

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