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We are committed to helping you reach even higher potential, with the best user experience possible. With our services we aim at making the world more caring, inspiring and ambitious. We want our Privacy Policy to be trustworthy, clear and transparent. If some part of this document gives room for interpretation, we stand behind these values.

Think big and follow through,
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Helsinki, 25.5.2018

The Hero will make your conversations:

icon for inspiring


Tired of small talk? Have the conversations that matter to you! We all need them, but most people rarely have them.

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In a good conversation you always discover something new. Harness the power of the groups around you!

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Life is more fun when you're social. Meet great people, have fun, and get a step closer to making your dreams come true!

This game helps you think about what matters to you in life. You will empower each other in achieving a goal or dream by asking questions... a lot of questions. It makes even your most difficult talks into a fun game.

We've turned piles of research on coaching, facilitation and goal-setting into superpowers for you! All you need is an open mind. The game takes care of the rest.

3-5 players

60+ minutes

Read the instructions here.

The Hero interactive coaching game
The Hero pack from the front The Hero game set The Hero pack from the back

How do I play?

You have two ways of playing The Hero:

Join one of the existing games

Just sign up and browse our games, to find the nearest to you!

This is the best way to try it, in case you're not sure. And it's completely free.

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Organise your own games

Buy at least one deck of cards, and create a game in our platform!

You can invite your friends, or let us find other people for you!

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We connect the online world with the offline world. You find or create games online, and have great conversations face to face! And then we stay in touch online until the next game: the best of the two worlds.

Still not convinced? Check out what our players are saying:

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Alberto, Developer and Author

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