Nurture your passion

People are getting distant. We believe in a future in which people interact in offline communities with the same ease that in online one.

Because society needs more communication and empathy, but we like to say "I'm busy".

We believe in:

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Our communication is getting shallow. We share information, but we don't connect. We believe most of the world's problems would be solved if people were more empathing and could communicate better.

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We're built to enjoy things like reflecting, learning and dealing with challenges. But people sometimes forget that life should be fun. We don't.

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Everybody has a pasion. If you truly talk to people, everybody has an interesting story to tell. We want to be enablers of all those marvelous people.

"Unleash the power of the people around you"

Hajni and Daniel, NurtUp founders

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Our team

Once upon a time, two crazy people decided that it was time to change the world. In the era of social netwokrs, how much were those networks contributing to people realizing their dreams. Combining their two passions, NurtUp was born!

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